Frequently asked questions

What is the theme of this event?

The Crystal Heart celebrates all things Mahou Shoujo - the Magical Girl genre heavily used in popular anime. Every year our wonderful designers come together to bring you inspired items from series such as Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, Cardcaptor Sakura and more. You’ll also find a wide selection of completely new ideas to help you live a magical Second Life!

I can't find my favorite store! Do you have a map of the event?

Yes, click here for the map. Maps can also be found at the landing point.

The sim is full, I've been trying for hours to get in. Can you restart the sim?

The Crystal Heart Festival upon opening usually remains full for a few days. We appreciate your patience and expect the event to have more openings as the days go on.

Can you help me get in?

Priority access is given ONLY to staff members and occassionally designers due to the given situation. Priority access is not given to shoppers. Those with a premium membership have the ability to access a full sim because of their membership benefits.

Why is the event so laggy?

While we are doing our best to keep the lag at a minimum, the constant influx of avatars causes the sim to lag. We expect when the sim becomes less populated the lag will drop significantly. In the meantime you can do your part by detaching any unneeded scripts or attachments. This in part will help the sim to run a lot smoother.

How can I apply to design/blog for The Crystal Heart Festival?

While we would love to invite all fans of The Crystal Heart Festival, unfortunately we have limited openings. Make sure you follow our social media to keep up to date so you know when we open our search!

​Designers are chosen via invitation only.

Where can we follow The Crystal Heart?

You can follow us at: Facebook Flickr Pinterest

Where can I find a SLurl?

We will paste the SLurL here upon the opening of the event.

Can I window shop before the event opens?

We publish an event catalog for a quick and easy way for customers to see the items featured at the event. The event will also be covered by The Seraphim Team when the festival opens.

Where can we find The Crystal Heart music boxes?

The Crystal Heart music boxes were a limited edition item and were only available for sale for the duration of the event. However, we will be creating a new music box for the 2021 event for a limited time.